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Language for expats
Russian language courses are available at all levels from beginners to advanced!

Students acquire a good command of the Russian language, learn about Russian culture and literature, and master the techniques of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Advanced students can choose among lectures or workshops on the Russian language, literature, culture and civilization, or take a course in Business Russian
(communication and correspondence).
All students are provided with course materials.
The course duration is 1-10 months.
Russian for Kids ( 3-12)
What if I told you that there was a way to not only accelerate your Russian learning speed but to also gain an in-depth understanding of the very core of the Russian culture along the way?
Well, there is a way!

Maybe you want to speak Russian so persuasively that you could close any deal with potential clients who speak nothing but Russian, or maybe you simply want to ask somebody out. Whatever your motivation may be, one thing is certain—you must understand the language.

Russian can seem daunting when you start off. Sometimes, though, all you need is just to relax, take the edge off and actually take some time to understand the people and their culture—and that's where reading comes in.

Now, I'm not talking about dry, dull books on economics, politics or grammar, but about classic Russian fables.

Fables are often overlooked and considered the stuff of children, but that's exactly where you may be missing the point. Fables usually depict the core values of a specific culture, yet they're simplified enough for even a seven-year-old to understand.
1 meeting for 15 dollars (a parent+a child) It can be organized in Rosinka or at ours.

Russian Language Course for Kids
The program covers the essentials of kindergarten schooling and includes Language and Literature, Music, Drawing, Arts and Crafts.
Our Russian for kids is a perfect choice for native or bilingual Russian speaking children going to international schools. Elementary and secondary school children can cover the basics of the Russian school program with Russian Language and Literature classes, celebrate national holidays and gain other insights into the traditional culture.

Our course is run in specialized groups which depend upon skills, level and age of your child. Our dedicated native teachers offer all the necessary support in learning Russian, such as:

  • Pre-schooling
  • School catch up sessions
Our key feature to help our students to advance is to create the appropriate conditions for acquisition. A child benefits from:
  • Visual aides
  • Physical and creative activity
  • Accessible material
At ATMOSFERA we pride ourselves on our proven and tested methodology when working with young learners. In the group class each child will learn how to speak, read and think in the language. Folk stories, fairy tales, and literature will enhance their development in a fully immersive setting. For our older students, your teacher will focus on broader concepts, and place emphasis on your ability to write, and develop good grammar.

Advantages of studying at ATMOSFERA:

  1. Our curriculum is based on the classical teaching methods complying with the Russian Federation Standards of Education.
  2. In class we use authentic school books and Classic Literature for children (preschoolers).
  3. Our teaching processes are carried out by certified primary school professionals.
  4. Classes involve entertaining activities and cultivate love and understanding of the culture. We organize children's matinees, contests and theatrical performances. Children will also learn about traditional handicraft.
We also offer an excellent opportunity to provide language classes to schools. Our course can be integrated into the school curriculum, or as an extracurricular activity. Our course for the schoolchildren will be set at your school, and taught by experienced native-speaking Russian tutors qualified to Master's and PhD level in linguistics and language teaching.

We are running classes in several international schools in Mexico, Spain, France, England, Germany, USA, Serbia.

From October to May. The price for studying in a group 250 dollars per month
Russian Language Course for teens and adults
Students can choose courses of the following groups of subjects:
  • Russian Language Improvement
  • Russian Culture and Literature
The full program provides:
  • 24 , 12, 6 academic hours of language classes per week
  • excursions to Moscow historic sites and museums

Groups set up (since 01-December-2018)
Group 1 (level А0+).
Group 2 (level А1+).
Group 3 (level B1+/B2).
Classes are held twice a week.

Monthly payment for education at the courses for 1 person is 200 dollars per month per person (24 academic hours/ 4 weeks). Group 10 pers.
Individual instruction tailored to meet the needs of clients desiring a one-on-one approach to studying the Russian language.
The advantages of individual instruction are obvious:
  • Lessons can be scheduled for times that are the most convenient for the student (including weekends);
  • Lessons can be held in a classroom at our center, at the student's office, or in the student's home;
  • The student is able to determine the level of intensity of his or her classes, as well as the number of classes per week;
  • An individual approach to language learning provides the student with an opportunity to build a programme that is consistent with his or her language-learning goals, preferred rate of assimilating new material and level of proficiency in the language;
  • Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to sit state certification exams and thus officially confirm his or her level of Russian language proficiency.

The teacher will focus on your individual demands. This means that you will have a unique opportunity to study the language at a comfortable and reasonable pace.
Having mastered the basic rules of Russian grammar and having acquired the necessary vocabulary, you will be able to freely communicate in Russian in any situation.

In addition to basic courses such as "General Russian" and "Intensive Russian", ATMOSFERA has developed special programmes for individual instruction:
  • preparation for school, college, and university exams,
  • corrective courses for clients who have learned the language by ear,
  • courses specifically for correcting pronunciation,
  • corrective courses on Russian grammar

We are prepared to develop an individual course for you. For every student, we can find a suitable approach.

Individual lessons cost 50 dollars per 90min

Intensive Course
The course covers all the key aspects of Russian language and includes 20 academic hours of tuition per week plus one excursion day (on the students' and teacher's collective choice)
What does the course include?

  • Grammar – 5 ac.h.
  • Translation 5 ac.h.
  • Conversational Practice - 10 ac.h.

The price is 250 dollars

Intensive Russian for Beginners
Intensive Russian language is intended for unfinished/incomplete second certification level of knowledge of the Russian language and wishing to improve their knowledge in all its aspects (speaking, writing, grammar, reading, listening) and subsequent training (the last eight weeks) for the II certification level exam (B2).
The course is designed to enhance students' knowledge and introduce new material on all aspects of language at the second certification level. The last three weeks are reserved for intensive training to take the test for the second certification level.

Students receive information about the specifics of the exam, learn to write essays and business letters in an official style, (which are necessary for the written section of the exam). They also construct monologues on social and political topics, watch videos with follow-up discussions about the situations and notable people presented to prepare for the speaking component. Students listen to monologues and interviews from various programmes from the Russian media for the listening section and read and discuss texts about politics and society as well as literary texts.

There is the chance to take a practice exam at the end of the course.

At the end of the course the possibility of putting a test pilot.
  • 12 hours per week x 8 weeks
  • 96 academic hours in class plus homework
  • regular viewing of TV shows, film clips, news programs, interviews, etc.
  • Progress monitoring and feedback Regular exercise for reinforcement, check vocabulary, oral and written tests
  • Textbooks

The Price is 200 dollars per month

Testing in Russian as a foreign language

We work with RUDN university, the specialists make up the foundations of the Russian state system of testing (TORFL); a team of exam creators at MSU create and publish all regulatory materials for the first three levels of TORFL exams.

ATMOSFERA with conducts certification testing of Russian as a foreign language (RFL) in accordance with state standards.The Institute conducts:

  • testing in all levels of RFL: A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2;
  • testing of Russian language for conferment of citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • testing of Russian language, Russian history and basic Russian legislation for obtaining a residency permit, a temporary residency permit and a work permit/patent;
  • trial testing to determine the extent of preparation required for certification testing;
  • lessons preparing for certification examinations;
  • consultations for teachers on conducting testing and on methods of evaluating the results in all types of oral activities.

The price is 300 dollars per month

Exam preparation
Standard 20 + 10 private exam preparation classes
This course is designed for the students wishing to intensively prepare for a Russian TRKI /TORFL exam.
With two daily preparation lessons, in addition to our standard 20, to study the specific content of the chosen exam, our exam preparation course will help you to get the best possible result in your chosen Russian exam. The program of the course will be made according to your current language skills and the aspects needed to improve. The sample testing on the each level is included into the course program.

Course key facts
Elementary to advanced A2 > C1
8 weeks
Standard 40 + 20 exam preparation
Group size
Up to 6 students per group + private lessons
Start dates
According to exam date

The price is 350 dollars

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